A fcking powerful data solution for a brand in crisis!

A fcking powerful data solution for a brand in crisis!, Blue 449
Winner's Story:

Fried chicken fans were up in arms when KFC had to shut hundreds of restaurants - a logistics problem meant it had run out of chicken.

To minimise the crisis, manage customers’ expectations and maximise sales, the brand worked with Blue449 to develop an API feed of transactional data, capturing a live list of all stores that were stocked and operational at any given moment. This list was in constant flux, but the brand used the data to activate media locally, slowing footfall to shut stores and driving people to those that were open.

Media created a platform to own the conversation around the crisis, to manage consumer expectations via dynamic updates and capture sales and mitigate potential long-term brand damage. As well as a press ad, dynamic social was swiftly activated, drawing on the feed to ensure that media was only ever live around stores operational at that moment. Store messages were pulled into messaging to identify customers’ nearest open restaurant and the campaign also featured the UK’s first-ever promoted Twitter bot with an integrated live feed. The bot enabled customers to input their postcode to display their nearest open restaurant with directions from their location, while live feed integration ensured that a restaurant without stock would not be promoted.

The bot achieved a threefold increase on average KFC engagement rates and dwell times were impressive too.