All in with ITV

All in with ITV, Dunelm / Goodstuff
Dunelm was struggling to recruit new customers, particularly pre-family, affluent couples who viewed the brand as drab and dated. To fix our brand perception of quality and deliver new customer growth we turned to TV – namely ITV to lead our brand communication activity, committing 100% of our brand TV budget with them.

By going ‘All in with ITV,’ we were able to go from spot to store with a partnership that also included: sponsorship, licensing, product placement, digital content, talent, events and even Ad-Funded Programming (AFP).

In the true spirit of partnership Dunelm accessed all areas by taking part in ITV’s marketing campaign to promote better mental health through conversation – Britain Get Talking, by featuring in an ad break takeover during Britain’s Got Talent.

The partnership played a pivotal role in not only boosting the Dunelm brand but delivering a hugely successful year commercially, despite challenging conditions for high street retailers.