Ask Twice

Ask Twice, MediaCom / Time to Change
Winner's Story:

Mental health campaign Time to Change wanted to highlight men’s mental health problems and how, too often, they pretend to be okay when asked. There is a stigma discussing mental health and also a lack of knowledge and confidence of what to say or do when someone close to you admits they aren’t fine.

Time to Change wanted adults to step in when their friends were behaving differently and ‘Ask Twice’ – showing they really do care. A partnership with men’s portal Joe Media explored the issue, prompting men in environments where they were with their mates to encourage immediate conversation.

Joe Media hosted a live event - ‘Ask Twice’, hosted by comedian Russell Kane with three celebrity guests. It focused on men’s mental health, tackling a serious issue with humour.

A social experiment followed the live event, with Kane driving around London in a black cab, picking up unsuspecting male passengers and parodying the over-talkative London cabbie, quizzing them about their lives and asking twice, to encourage these ‘regular blokes’ to open up about their troubles.

Content from the live event and social experiment were used to create pieces for social, video and audio, with radio spots and online videos in sport and comedy also used to spread the ‘Ask Twice’ message. Men were also targeted in pubs with posters and beermats addressing ‘mates’ moments’.

Over two million more people agree that when they’re worried about a friend’s mental health, they should always ask twice.

Media Director: Charlotte Mullan