Augmented Realitree

Augmented Realitree, Yorkshire Tea / Goodstuff
Yorkshire Tea needed more kids aged 7-11 years old to understand why trees are important, given that’s the age group involved in their national tree planting initiative and age when trees, biodiversity and eco-systems are covered by the National Curriculum. In lieu of visiting more schools, we needed to extend the education to more kids whilst also being able to imbue deeper knowledge with themes such as agricultural impact and community stewardship, so we recognised a key role for branded content.

Realising that this age group spend more time planting trees on Minecraft than they do playing outside, we turned to mobile gaming, to re-imagine rather than replace physical tree planting. Working with Lucky Generals and Zappar we created Augmented Realitree, an education program built around an AR activated mobile game to motivate children (and their parents) about trees. The game transports players to the farms of the UK and fields of Kenya with various interactive challenges whilst seeding National Curriculum compliant agricultural facts. The campaign was integrated with branded content (including bespoke supplement ‘Tree Life’ created by Guardian Labs), educational activity packs distributed to schools, print (using recycled paper) and digital media.