BA World Cup

BA World Cup, Wavemaker
This is the story on an idea that generated a first class result on an economy budget.
In the wake of negative press headlines for British Airways, the brand recognised that they needed to ignite a shift in brand affinity scores and sales. The solution was clear: slipstream contextually relevant moments in social as a stepping stone to restore brand love. The FIFA 2018 World Cup provided the perfect platform for activation. Whilst BA had a right to join the conversation, execution would be critical. As England began to progress through the tournament, the nation really started to believe, uniting behind #itscominghome. The stage was set for the world’s most famous boarding pass. Overflowing with football puns and making for highly shareable content, this was a rigorous social first approach. The idea was a triumph of integration being designed, planned and activated with 24 hours (media, creative, production, marketing and PR). Results were phenomenal with the BA boarding pass embodying a true cultural movement in the nation’s psyche, using the power of social to achieve virality in the UK and beyond. It became the most talked about advertising during the World Cup (despite not being a sponsor).