Bacardi Spiced Rum

Bacardi Spiced Rum, Bacardi / OMD UK
In 2019 Bacardi was in a tricky position. Rum, which had recently suffered in comparison to gin, was changing: growth was coming from an increasingly popular breed of darker, spiced rums. To succeed Bacardi needed to not just launch a spiced rum but get people to order Bacardi Spiced by name.

A category pioneer, Bacardi had over time become an everyday default, lacking the excitement of newer alternatives. We needed to put Bacardi back where it belonged, at the heart of special high-tempo social occasions, to ensure people sought it out. However, with the launch of something new, we wanted people’s first memory of Bacardi Spiced to be brand-defining. We needed our own high-tempo occasion, the perfect Bacardi night, to redefine how they viewed Bacardi and what it represented. Enter Casa Bacardi and the Sound of Rum Crew.