Blis - Stop talking, start listening

Blis - Stop talking, start listening, Blis
Our innovation as a market leader was to stop the noise. Location ad-tech providers were especially scrutinised after the introduction of GDPR in 2018, creating disillusion in the marketplace and lack of trust in location data.

Our strategic thinking was for Blis to assume the role and responsibilities of a market leader to change perception, combat concerns and rebuild trust around location data. The solution was simple: stop talking, start listening. We put our customers’ needs at the heart of everything we did and underpinned it all by creating a location first, truly transparent offering.

Through innovation, the team transformed Blis from a media platform into a leader in real-world intelligence by using our insight, data and analytics offerings and putting the customer first.

We had a record breaking 2019 as a result and achieved:
- Revenue growth of 66%
- Grew our market share to 60%
- Achieved favourable scores in our annual client survey and became the undisputed market leaders in location data.