Bodyform & Refinery29 #BloodNormal

Bodyform & Refinery29 #BloodNormal, Zenith UK
Winner's Story:

The use of red blood is still banned from most media channels. Femcare brand Bodyform wanted to challenge taboos surrounding periods and spark debate, among men as well as women, that period blood is normal.

The brand’s #BloodNormal campaign featured striking, controversial images portraying red period blood. Zenith challenged Bodyform’s social partners Snapchat, Instagram and YouTube to allow this blood in ads on their platforms for the first time.

To empower more people - particularly men, to talk about #BloodNormal, Bodyform partnered with women’s digital lifestyle portal Refinery29, using its ‘Rag Week’ initiative, a week dedicated to funny and educational stories about women’s different experiences of menstruating. Content included videos and articles, with men drawn into the ‘period’ conversation for the first time, via a direct and light-hearted approach. A video showed men in a lab setting pouring red liquid into beakers, to estimate how much a woman bleeds over the course of a period.

Content was amplified across Bodyform and Refinery29’s social channels to maximise impact and conversation. There were positive results across Bodyform’s key brand metrics, including +46% uplift in ‘a brand that helps normalise periods’ and +55% jump in ‘boosting confidence in women’s social life’.