Braver and Bolder Wins the Race

Braver and Bolder Wins the Race, Formula 1 / Wavemaker
Senna. Prost. Silverstone. Monaco. 1,000 Grands Prix across 70 years. A rich, wondrous history of Formula 1 that holds little meaning with millions of new fans that F1 wants to gain by 2021. New and younger fans would come from the USA, APAC – not just heritage heartlands.

With a need to raise awareness and drive engagement, compounded by the battle for attention, the scale of the challenge was clear. To win the race for new fans, we combined purchase journey thinking and audience insight to create a single comms strategy to reach and engage these people. F1 would go from a motorsport to a sporting/entertainment brand. It’s not about the past races, it’s about the new races you want to win tomorrow. In 2019 we took a bolder and braver strategic bet to enable F1 to win the ultimate race.