Channel 4 Derry Girls

Channel 4 Derry Girls, Channel 4 / OMD UK
To launch season 2 of Derry Girls on Channel 4 we needed to make Derry Girls a national hit. An instant hit with the first season, being the most watched show ever in its Northern Irish home, Derry Girls proved a tougher sell in the rest of the UK.

We wanted to champion that authenticity. We had an ardent Northern Irish fanbase who could serve as a powerful voice. Furthermore, the show’s faithful 90s-ness – its music and cultural references – could make that setting more relatable to an audience outside Northern Ireland. This was particularly timely with 90s nostalgia riding high.

But we also needed to make people laugh. Given the subjectivity of comedy, and the range of Derry Girls’ humour, our challenge was showing people the right bits. Personalisation would seal the deal.