Communities Defeat Terrorism

Communities Defeat Terrorism, Counter Terrorism Policing / Wavemaker & DCM
Counter Terrorism Policing (CTP) combines 24-hour action and a huge amount of ‘back office’ work. CTP’s challenge to Wavemaker was to help encourage the public to report suspicious activity and behaviour. So, faced with like for like budgets and no new creative assets, we were forced to think creatively to encourage more reporting, and crucially, more reporting with helpful information

We knew our campaign needed to have a real impact with our audience to help impress upon them the importance of the role they play in helping to keep the UK safe, which made cinema the perfect lead channel for our comms, providing a unique opportunity to talk to communities at scale, as well as increasing the impact of our emotional messaging.

Partnering with DCM we re-worked our existing creative – a story-telling piece – into a film that put the audience at the heart of the decision making, challenging them to consider how they as individuals would react to each suspicious scenario.

By adapting the creative, hand-selecting cinemas and running dynamic regional end-frames to magnify the feeling of community, we increased the number reports to CTP by the public by +38%, with 50% of these containing significant counter terrorism intelligence.