Connecting EE with their customers

Connecting EE with their customers, EE / Essence
Having firmly embedded itself as the nation’s favourite device, the smartphone market is now changing; phone lifespans are extending, with one in five people hanging on to their smartphone for more than two and a half years. The UK has seen a 78% increase in SIM-only contracts since 2015, posing a problem for mobile networks who have traditionally relied on contracts for longer customer lifetime revenue.

To combat this potential fall in revenue, we needed to find a smarter way to target EE’s customer base with the right messages at the right time to encourage them to upgrade.

Up until now, EE used demand-side platform data to target customers, but with sweeping privacy-first industry changes meaning third-party cookies and data sets for programmatic targeting were dwindling, we decided to focus on unlocking untapped potential in EE’s own customers - with some truly incredible results.