Coty Fragrance Finder

Coty Fragrance Finder, Zenith UK
Winner's Story:

How do you increase online fragrance sales when you can’t smell a website? This was the dilemma facing Coty, which was experiencing a large number of abandoned online baskets., one of Coty’s biggest retailers, was using a simplistic ‘Fragrance Finder’ decision tree, based on answers to literal questions about smells, but this wasn’t working in an online environment,. Rising to the challenge, Zenith UK built a next generation online ‘Fragrance Finder’, powered by artificial intelligence (AI), on

This took into account the importance of imagery and mood when selecting fragrances within an e-commerce environment. The tool analysed people’s individual style, taste and preferences, rather than asking questions around types of smell. To support Boots and get its buy-in, the product needed to benefit the whole category, not just Coty, so Boots was persuaded to trial it across its entire fragrance range.

The ‘Fragrance Finder’ matched lifestyle and taste preferences with the most closely aligned fragrance brand; over time, with the tool continually refined, consumers were matched to a fragrance in less than one minute, making it easier for them to complete their purchases.

With the help of the ‘Fragrance Finder’, people bought more fragrances and abandoned fewer baskets.