CRM – the hero of growth in a retail start up

CRM – the hero of growth in a retail start up, Hearts & Science UK
Winner's Story:

Created by the team which established Per Una for Marks & Spencer, Hope Fashion aims to tap into what women over 50 want to look, feel and be. Yet despite its expertise and a strong product range, the challenges of being a start-up combined with wider retail struggles made for a tough business environment.

Hope wanted to get a deeper understanding of its target audience, such as their behaviours, and attitudes, to get a better picture of how to reach them effectively through marketing.

Hearts & Science created a value-based segmentation, developing four different customer segments, from bronze to platinum. It also profiled behaviour on site, locations, purchase values, and highest indexing mosaic groups. This value model was updated and refined daily, becoming the central insight engine for all of Hope’s marketing activities, informing everything from retargeting frequency to eCRM management.

Hope has seen its CRM database grow by 22% with the two highest value segments (gold and platinum) growing by 30%. The database is also being used with third party data partnerships to identify media and brand partners aligned with Hope and its customers’ values.