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Diageo | Baileys | Nobody puts Baileys in the corner, Carat UK with Diageo and Baileys
We wanted to make Baileys modern, relevant and an all-year-round ingredient not gathering dust on the shelf and only brought out at Christmas. Our partnership with Jungle Creations’ Twisted, achieved just that, it brought Baileys in front of a whole new raft of consumers, the younger foodie generation who seek out exciting ingredients and recipes. By using data from a variety of sources, we could be confident that the breadth of reach and content of our social media campaign ensured that the versatility of Baileys was demonstrated again and again and again, through recipe videos and posts. This was underpinned by experiential activities where our new consumers could see first-hand the versatility of the product.

The success has been staggering, from the size of the Facebook campaign, the largest UK campaign during that period, to the viewing figures of the Baileys' French Toast video which went viral and one week after launch was the 2nd biggest video in the UK.

Media Director: John Payne
Senior Planner/Strategist: Venya Wijegoonewardene
Creative Agency: Jungle Creations and The Story Lab
Relevant Media or Brand Manager: Eileen Hanna (Baileys Marketing Manager, Europe)