Dracula, BBC / Havas Media
In a landscape of diminished content loyalty, many under-35s now turn to alternate, non-BBC platforms for entertainment - ones that capture their attention by meeting their wants and needs. As a consequence, the BBC has lost relevance as a destination for this age group.

Drama garners interest like few other genres and dramas therefore act as a stake in the ground, allowing content providers to say 'we make the best shows'. Dracula promised to be just such a show. A classic full of unexpected twists and turns. And we wanted to be equally unexpected in our approach to bringing this flagship drama into the real world. We wanted to behave with bit. The hero execution of our strategy were a series of outdoor special builds that comprised a cluster of 3D bloody stakes. Unassuming by day, as night fell the Prince of Darkness arose from the stake-impaled canvas. Coverage of these sites through PR and earned media was massive. A suitably famous launch for a famous drama.