Effectiveness written into our DNA

Effectiveness written into our DNA, Ancestry / the7stars
Genealogy/DNA is big business, with the total global market estimated to be worth £9bn and the UK a sizeable chunk of this. In the UK, market growth has slowed, and there are comparatively few brands competing for this spend. Until 2019 they all behaved the same - relying on discounts and introductory offers to compete at the bottom of the funnel for new customers.

To differentiate Ancestry versus the identikit competitor set we strived to ‘premiumise’ the brand with a strong, consistent identity and evolving from almost nothing spent on brand media, to an IPA-approved 60/40 split.

This included steering the client’s approach to creative, and a completely rewritten media strategy. Not only did we shift their ratio of brand to activation spend, we also introduced some really clever media thinking to be around relevant programming and content – including ‘sponsoring the unsponsorable’ by being around BBC programming, and introducing new channels and tactics.

The results were exceptional – smashing internal targets and growing in a static market. With ~50% of Ancestry’s sales coming from media and a very high profit ROI, this is a story of a strong strategy and smart execution having real business impact.