Vodafone Find Unlimited; Verizon Media

Vodafone Find Unlimited; Verizon Media, Vodafone / Wavemaker
Verizon Media created for Vodafone a city-wide virtual scavenger hunt utilising Geolocation AR Technology to help users to ‘Find Unlimited’. We gave users a chance to discover drop-zones in a map on their phone (via mobile-web, so no app had to be downloaded) and head to the location to pick up Vodafone prizes in AR. The platform utilized block-chain technology to share unique digital objects with real-world value - be that an iPhone 11, Airpods, unlimited data plans, or other exciting prizes. For the 5 days the campaign was live, we saw 23,000 registered users running around London collecting 14,000 prizes worth £50k. The campaign even trended on Twitter ahead of the Rugby World Cup on an England match-day. Off the back of the campaign, Vodafone’s spontaneous brand awareness increased 14%. We certainly caught the attention of tech savvy Londoners, with users spending 145 days worth of brand engagement (dwell time) in that 5 day period.