Google brings you closer to the stars

Google brings you closer to the stars, Google / Ogilvy
In October 2019, Google revealed its brand-new smartphone, Pixel 4, with the aim to drive awareness/cultural relevance for its improved camera feature, Night Sight mode. A camera so good, it can shoot the stars. Seeing the stars is a reminder of our place in the world, our connectedness, and the possibilities of human curiosity. But our focus on the everyday means most of us look down at our feet, rather than up at the stars.

Our mission was simple, we wanted to bring people closer to the stars. The campaign saw a series of unique public, media and influencer facing stargazing events launch across the country. At each event, from the village of Star in Wales to The Shard, the lights went out and people looked up to capture the cosmos.

Working with trusted voices who share a genuine passion for astrophotography including Astronaut Tim Peake, gave the campaign real credibility/authenticity beyond the product.

The campaign was delivered within month to ensure longevity of messaging during a peak sales period. It exceeded expectations and generated mass media coverage but ultimately, it really did bring people closer to the stars with searches for astrophotography rising by 60% during Oct/Nov 2019.