Gravity Planning

Gravity Planning, the7stars / the7stars
Despite protestations to the contrary, the marketing sphere still seems to be stuck on past notions of the journey as funnel, the simplicity of brand vs activation and the concept of ‘brand love’.

In 2019 the7stars sought to develop a more nuanced framework that would help us navigate the relationship (or more often, the lack of one) between audience and brand to understand the barriers that prevent the gap being closed.

Gravity Planning enables the7stars to size and map the category according to five distinctive audience states. There are seven forces (or movement) between states, and each one requires different behaviours across channels and format, aligned to specific KPIs.

We have also devised an agency-wide data management solution called Gravity Data Management enable our buying teams to activate against audiences through the seven Gravity Forces.

Gravity Planning was described as truly ‘industry leading’ according to pitch consultant David Meikle. It has helped us reshape our thinking for clients and win £110m business in 2019 (up 30% YoY) with incoming clients including TSB and First Group describing it as a critical factor in their decision to move to the7stars.