Grundig, The Telegraph with Beko PLC, Grundig / Initiative
In the UK the average person wastes 105kg of food per year, it was staggering stats like these that led a partnership between Grundig and The Telegraph to promote their latest range of fridges and ovens with innovative technology to make your food go further. Through combining 3 Telegraph editors, food waste campaigners, social influencers and Massimo Bottura ,chef of the Worlds No1 Restaurant, were able to show our readers that cutting their food waste was easy and achievable, especially with a Grundig in their home.

Media Director: Rhian Withers (Director, Communications Design)
Senior Planner/Strategist: Heather Lewis (Partnerships Manager)
Relevant Media or Brand Manager: Gino Grossi (Marketing Manager – Growth Brands)
Sales Person: Gina Davoile