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Havas Media - Long Live the Local, Havas Media with Britain’s Beer Alliance / Long Live the Local
Winner's Story:

The UK has one of the highest beer duty rates in Europe, three times the EU average. The
government increased this in 2017, and further increases look likely every year, piling pressure onto pubs.

Britain’s Beer Alliance tasked Havas Media to devise a campaign that would get the Chancellor’s attention, appealing for a freeze or reduction on beer tax. Eschewing lobbying campaigns and avoiding the ‘few pence off a pint’ argument, activity focused instead on people signing petitions and emailing their MPs. The idea was to position beer tax as an emotional issue - a threat to the ‘Great British Pub’, with ‘Long Live The Local’ the rallying cry.

The creative had a simple call to action: sign the petition to cut beer tax, with communications including a national roadblock to create groundswell, including regional press, a local hero film launched on Twitter, national OOH and PR. This was followed by social platforms to amplify messaging and online video to drive the film’s reach, while pub owners received kits they could use to promote the message in pubs. A takeover of Westminster station and political blogs and websites also highlighted the campaign.

Results showed unprecedented success against campaign KPIs, with the ultimate goal of effecting policy, as the Chancellor froze beer tax on 29 October 2018.

Media Director: Tess Hulme (Business Director - Havas Media)
Senior Planner/Strategist: Emma Gibbons (Account Director - Havas Media), Graham Kenchington, (Account Manager - Havas Media)
Creative Agency: Havas London
Relevant Media or Brand Manager: David Cunningham (Programme Director - Long Live the Local)