Havas Media - Long Live the Local

Havas Media - Long Live the Local, Havas Media with Britain’s Beer Alliance / Long Live the Local
Long Live the Local, backed by Britain’s Beer Alliance, launched in July 2018 to celebrate the positive role that pubs play in our lives & communities and to highlight the jeopardy they face from a range of tax pressures – ultimately convincing the Chancellor to freeze or cut beer tax.

The creative had a simple call to action: Sign the petition to cut beer tax. Each execution delivered our “Heart.Head.Hand” strategy: evoke emotion, raise jeopardy, drive action.

Our media strategy was designed to achieve this, creating a grassroots feel and building support over three phases:

•Unmissable national road-block launch – Twitter launch, local press, impactful OOH
•Feeding the groundswell – Underlying thread of social comms
•Final push – Being overheard by key political stakeholders through Westminster takeover, politically contextual websites/blogs and screens at party conferences

Treating this as a 360 campaign was key, with creative, media, owned channels and PR planned hand-in-hand to deliver the most impactful campaign possible.

116,794 people signed the petition and 48,160 people wrote to their MP – a strong result. But we achieved our ultimate objective when the Chancellor froze beer tax in October 2018 – which will have a significant impact on the industry over the next 12 months.

Media Director: Tess Hulme (Business Director - Havas Media)
Senior Planner/Strategist: Emma Gibbons (Account Director - Havas Media), Graham Kenchington, (Account Manager - Havas Media)
Creative Agency: Havas London
Relevant Media or Brand Manager: David Cunningham (Programme Director - Long Live the Local)