Hearst x Simplyhealth Great Run Partnership

Hearst x Simplyhealth Great Run Partnership, Hearst
While Simplyhealth had strong reach and brand awareness via their sponsorship of The Great Run Series, they needed a way to deepen audience understanding of the value of investing in a Simplyhealth plan, targeting runners across the UK. Hearst’s leading health and fitness brands – Runner’s World, Women’s Health and Men’s Health delivered a content plan with purpose, providing the context and authority Simplyhealth had been missing.

The content led with editorial ambassadors taking on running challenges very personal to them. Through their experiences, we delivered a campaign founded in authentic content, that runners could relate to. By supporting our ambassadors with a wealth useful training content along the way, we were able to show how Simplyhealth are there to support runners to achieve their individual goals – improving both the understanding of and the desire for Simplyhealth services.

The campaign delivered impressive results - the best performance to date for commercial content on Runner’s World, with 6 min dwell time as well as a 72% engaged view rate. The partnership drove a 43% increase in brand awareness for Simplyhealth and the campaign became the catalyst for Simplyhealth launching a new product directly targeted at runners – The Simplyhealth Active plan.