Southeastern 'Summer Hidden Gems'

Southeastern 'Summer Hidden Gems', OMD UK for Go Ahead Group and Southeastern Railway
The leisure travel industry is booming over summer, and naturally should provide a huge opportunity for Southeastern Railway to carry people to staycation destinations across the South East. The trouble is trains suffer from the ‘commuting effect’ meaning people don’t want to get on a train when it’s not for work.

We teamed up with Secret Escapes, the hottest online destination for escapism and beautiful short trips, to totally reframe how people thought about leisure train travel in the UK. Together we embarked on a campaign to unearth the South East’s ‘Hidden Gems’ – special places unbeknown to the masses, with hidden stories, beauty and history - that only Southeastern can get to.

Media Director: Duncan Timlin (Associate Director)
Senior Planner/Strategist: Harry Darlington (Strategy Associate Director)
Creative Agency: The Team
Relevant Media or Brand Manager: Roma Baig (Campaigns Manager)