Hiscox The Honeypot Poster Network

Hiscox The Honeypot Poster Network, Goodstuff with Hiscox
Specialist insurer Hiscox wanted to raise awareness of the danger that cybercrime presents to small businesses. But unless they had already fallen victim, many didn’t appreciate the scale of the threat or they believed it was an issue faced by big businesses.

Hiscox had to find a way for small businesses to sit up and take notice. Its disruptive campaign, created with Goodstuff, turned the cybercrime threat into reality. It featured a 'honey pot' server that looked and behaved like one used by any small business. Using proprietary technology, this ‘honeypot’ was then connected to a network of large format digital out of home sites. Five servers were set up across the UK and US, mimicking the real locations hackers expect to find.

A separate honeypot master server recorded the total number of attacks on a given day - the more attacks received, the more the posters reacted. The resulting Honeypot Poster Network was a media first - a poster displaying cyber-attacks in real-time.

Almost 200,000 hacks were recorded over the course of a week, showing that a small business in the UK can be targeted as often as once every three seconds. The campaign delivered the most successful business period ever for Hiscox Cyber Insurance.

Executive Summary:

When existing data provided untrustworthy, we found a way to feature real cyber-attacks in advertising for the first time by custom building a honeypot server system (a decoy) to lure cyber criminals out of the shadows. We connected this system to a network live Out Of Home media to create The Honeypot Poster Network. In doing so, we showed that a small business can be attacked as frequently as once every three seconds and delivered the most successful business period ever for Hiscox Cyber Insurance.

Media Director: Sam Drake (Managing Partner), Paul Gayfer (Planning Partner)
Senior Planner/Strategist: Roy Shepherd (Head of Out-Of-Home), Hannah Brady (Account Director)
Creative Agency: AMV
Relevant Media or Brand Manager: Olivia Hendrick (Marketing Director - Hiscox)