Hiscox The Honeypot Poster Network

Hiscox The Honeypot Poster Network, Goodstuff with Hiscox
When existing data provided untrustworthy, we found a way to feature real cyber-attacks in advertising for the first time by custom building a honeypot server system (a decoy) to lure cyber criminals out of the shadows. We connected this system to a network live Out Of Home media to create The Honeypot Poster Network. In doing so, we showed that a small business can be attacked as frequently as once every three seconds and delivered the most successful business period ever for Hiscox Cyber Insurance.

Media Director: Sam Drake (Managing Partner), Paul Gayfer (Planning Partner)
Senior Planner/Strategist: Roy Shepherd (Head of Out-Of-Home), Hannah Brady (Account Director)
Creative Agency: AMV
Relevant Media or Brand Manager: Olivia Hendrick (Marketing Director - Hiscox)