Kraft Heinz - Heinz Salad Cream #WhatCream

Kraft Heinz - Heinz Salad Cream #WhatCream, Starcom with the Kraft Heinz Company
This is a story of true integration between insights, earned and paid media, which reversed the fortunes of Heinz Salad Cream: a brand with rapidly declining sales loved only by the over 65s that had become part of the national furniture (and sat at the back of the kitchen cupboard). Starcom, Wonderland and Havas worked together using new behavioural and social insights to launch a successful unsuccessful rebrand, turning Heinz Salad/Sandwich Cream into one of the most talked about FMCG brands of 2018, increasing sales by 11% as a direct result of our social and OOH campaign.

Media Director: Reema Khehar (Business Director)
Senior Planner/Strategist: Isabella Freeman (Comms Planning Manager)
Creative Agency: Havas Creative, Wonderland Communications
Relevant Media or Brand Manager: Joel Hughes (Marketing Manager)