Kronenbourg 1664 - A Franc Point of View

Kronenbourg 1664 - A Franc Point of View, Starcom with Heineken for Kronenbourg K1664
Kronenbourg 1664 needed to continue the march to deliver l’Alsace difference into the heart of British life to stand out in the minds of our striver audience (35-49 year old men), so they buy more Kronenbourg. Since our strivers pay particular attention to the world around them, we wanted to join their conversations and showcase Kronenbourg 1664’s Gallic witty take on Britain to stand out amongst the premium beer clutter, leading to our platform: A Franc Point of View. We partnered with ESI Media to inject the distinctive Kronenbourg franc point of view into conversations our audience are having across their platforms. We created a Kronenbourg newsroom, comprised of Ogilvy copywriters, Starcom planners and the brand team, to deliver Kronenbourg responses to the headline news across the ESI platforms throughout the year. Joining our Strivers’ conversations and showcasing Kronenbourg’s witty take on what is going on in Britain worked to get our strivers to buy more Kronenbourg, with increases in purchase volume, frequency and spend.

Media Director: Hayley Hedges
Senior Planner/Strategist: Monica Majumdar
Creative Agency: Ogilvy
Relevant Media or Brand Manager: Rachel Hill