LEGO Bugatti

LEGO Bugatti, Initiative
In January 2018 LEGO was experiencing a slow down in sales growth, and LEGO Technic was identified as a key driver for accelerating this. As a result, we were tasked with growing LEGO Technic by 21%.

We identified a new, adult audience: people who had a passion for building and fixing things, but we had to overcome their perceptions if LEGO Technic as a toy, and instead position it as a credible pastime.

We needed to showcase the full potential of the product, so we did this with a fully functional life-size replica of a Bugatti Chiron, made entirely from LEGO Technic! We created an integrated communications plan that teased the launch of the Bugatti on C4’s F1 coverage and negotiated editorial coverage with Sky Sports at the Italian Grand Prix to launch the product. This gave the LEGO Bugatti a starring role in a massively relevant cultural moment.

The campaign was a roaring success! Sales grew 39% year on year, and left our targets in the dust!