Mantis: Using AI to Unlock an Industry Challenge

Mantis: Using AI to Unlock an Industry Challenge, Mantis: Reach Solutions / Reach
Brand Safety was a topic that dominated the digital advertising ecosystem in 2019. Clarion calls from advertisers for publishers to take "more responsibility”, were countered by publishers complaining that brand safety tools were slowing down their pages and costing them millions by stopping ads on perfectly safe content. All the while media agencies were caught in the middle, and like everyone else, paying out for technology that many saw as expensive and unsophisticated. Most of the current technology simply looks for keywords. If it matches a word with a “block list”, then ads are stopped. The problem is that words have context. “Shots” in football are very different from an act of violence and it has been estimated that current technology is costing UK publishers as much as $200m every year. The industry needed innovation to break the deadlock and Mantis was born. Using the IBM Watson AI and machine learning platform, Reach Solutions has designed, built and delivered new proprietary technology into the market, delivering value for not only Reach but all parts of the digital ecosystem from the sell side to the buyside. A truly innovative product solution to the brand safety challenge the industry has faced.