McDonald's Big Mac with Bacon

McDonald's Big Mac with Bacon, McDonald's / OMD UK
The Big Mac is the world’s best-known burger, but in a category defined by innovation and novelty, being a classic isn’t always a good thing. In 2018, McDonald’s had made a bigger Big Mac and a smaller one (the Grand and Jr, respectively) to celebrate its 50th birthday, but with sales sluggish the following year it decided to do something controversial – it was, for the first time ever, going to add bacon. Whilst the campaign began with a sales target for the Big Mac with Bacon, we spied an opportunity to turn a short-term promotion into a tribute to a true classic.

McDonald’s regulars are fiercely loyal to the Big Mac; they know what they love and love what they know. Was the addition of bacon going to be embraced as a welcome new twist or seen as a desecrating perfection!