M&G Chelsea Flower Show

M&G Chelsea Flower Show, Initiative
Over the last three decades, M&Gs laser like focus on discrete communications to a small and highly valuable audience had created an unexpected problem; M&G had become brilliant at selling its products to a pool of people that was decreasing, and the limited brand activity wasn’t bringing in anyone new.

We built a new segmentation using our proprietary audience management platform (AMP), and used third party data partnerships to begin to build a fuller picture of this new (and direct) audience. We then deployed a new strategy to better articulate its purpose, and created an approach to communications and media that amplified it; Utilising sponsorship of the Chelsea Flower Show, and working in partnership with Sky to create a highly targeted TV campaign utilising Adsmart.

The TV campaign increased our audience’s purchase likelihood to twice that of our closest competitor! And to top it off, M&G won a gold for their garden!