Mondelēz | Cadbury | Customisation at scale

Mondelēz | Cadbury | Customisation at scale, Carat UK with Mondelēz for Cadbury
With new restrictions being placed on high fat and high salt products we needed to find a new innovative media solution for Cadbury to build their brand rather than the traditional mass reach advertising they had done in the past. We needed a longer-term strategy of gaining data and audience insight in order to help Cadbury achieve their goal of behaving more like a performance brand.

Our solution was a data-driven marketing approach to enable us to trial this new way of marketing so we could learn and scale it. We took two different approaches, the first was to trial customisation with the Roses brand and enforce the association between gifting and Roses with the ‘Another Way to Say Thank You’ campaign and the second was to enable data capture with the Inventor competition, where people could design a bar of Cadbury for them to design and sell. The campaigns were both hugely successful, not only in data capturing but also in laying the groundwork for long term brand building. Both campaigns smashed their targets and proved our data-driven solution was spot on for the short and longer term.

Media Director: Juliet Pigache and Océane Epron
Senior Planner/Strategist: Jessica Batiste
Creative Director: VCCP
Relevant Media or Brand Manager: Benazir Barlet-Batada, Kate Wall, Nuria Antoja, Michael Moore and Laura Gray