Motivating the Gymtimidated

Motivating the Gymtimidated, The Gym Group / Goodstuff
This is the story of how we got The Gymtimidated moving; getting The Gym Group’s media, their business and the nation in to shape.

The Gym Group were dipping their toe into brand advertising for the first time ever – and had huge expectations of what it might deliver.

Goodstuff identified an audience within the 40% of UK adults who didn’t go to the gym – The Gymtimidated. Put off by category comms featuring rippling muscles and ‘motivational’ quotes and ignoring irrelevant membership offers, we pinpointed The Gymtimidated.

By targeting them with counter-category media behaviours, and a creative campaign featuring relatable people and stories, we unlocked huge growth for the business - with 211,000 new members (a +29% increase) and their top 3 sales days ever.