Nationwide #TogetherAgainstHate

Nationwide #TogetherAgainstHate, Wavemaker
Nationwide came to Wavemaker with the challenge of
helping them to produce a public facing campaign to
highlight the scale and severity of online hate in the
UK and to motivate people to change their behaviour
Putting collaboration at the heart of the work,
Wavemaker joined forces with Channel 4, Maltesers and McCain
to tackle head on the issues of racism, homophobia,
and anti-disability within society through prime-time
TV (Channel 4) and commercial radio (LBC, Heart).
And so, we created a campaign entitled ‘Together
Against Hate’ #TogetherAgainstHate
An open brief allowed us to maximise our creativity
and strategic thinking to take a fledgling idea and shape it
into a powerful and moving execution. Wavemaker’s
creativity, content and strength in collaboration with
media partners made for a successful campaign that
sparked positive cultural conversation and delivered phenomenal results.