Nationwide Voices

Nationwide Voices, Wavemaker
We were tasked with setting Nationwide apart from banks by communicating building society values. The Nationwide Voices campaign heroes diverse everyday people telling their own stories about what matters to them, amplifying the brands difference. TV an broadcaster VOD became the basis of our 2019 campaign, with a distinctive timelength strategy. However, we needed to go further. Using our tools, we built bespoke strategies for individual campaign across 2018, based on the nuances of each ‘voice’. Our long-term poster holding ran across the UK every month, consistently reminding people of Nationwide’s difference in their daily life and we used regional media to support branches where most people were pulling back high street retail investment. As a result of our communications, more people understand building society difference and our choosing Nationwide; Nationwide even became the most switched to brand with thousands more account openings than their competitors.