Nicorette - Walking the Line

Nicorette - Walking the Line, UM for Johnson & Johnson and Nicorette
Nicorette focused on the fact that a single testimonial, amplified thoughtfully in the right environment, has the ability to move and inspire unhappy smokers to believe that they too can achieve their something incredible and quit for good. Inspirational content sat at the heart of the campaign and was adapted to different media opportunities, we even brought the idea to life in the physical world through an innovative augmented reality experience.

At the heart of the campaign is the story of slackliner David, whose incredible quitting journey unfolds to the epic backdrop of Linville Gorge, in Northern Carolina. David describes how smoking shaped his early life, and the life of those around him. Explaining that it was a need to take back control that resulted in him taking on two incredible challenges; quitting smoking and slacklining. Throughout the film parallels are drawn between the two incredible experiences; the importance of breath, the influence and support of those around him and the need for a positive mind set and perseverance.

The results were fantastic we over delivered against NICORETTEĀ® QuickMist sales targets and drove ad recall and favourability lift that were flagged as best in class by Google.

Head of J3 Northern Europe: Alex Vale
Communications Planning Director: Lawrence Dodds
Senior Planner: Louise Laugenie
Digital Director: Michael Hanbury-Williams
Creative Agency: AMVBBDO
Augmented Reality Agency: 3Rock AR
Brand Manager: Ellie Field
Former GMM Nicorette/ current Digital/ Media/Scale Director: Nicola Sunshine