PG One: The agency team of the future. Today.

PG One: The agency team of the future. Today., Publicis
This is the team that promised P&G ‘transformation’; not just to make Publicis Media more money, or to ride the industry bandwagon, but to grow and future-proof the largest, most ambitious client in the world.
Stakes were high as, with our new model, we committed to reinventing everything; from the way we recruited, to the way we pioneered new working practices; from innovative and immersive new training programmes, to new data platforms and partnerships focused on P&G’s growth.
In the last 12 months our team has delivered some of P&G’s best results in the region, while delivering for our talent too. We have smashed all targets set, both internal and external. Churn has dropped to under a third of the industry average, while client and team satisfaction is at an all-time high. If ever a team, and a client-agency partnership has delivered on ‘transformation’, it’s this one.