Pixel 3: Making every day more extraordinary

Pixel 3: Making every day more extraordinary, Google / Essence and Amplify
Google Pixel 3 was launched into an overcrowded smartphone market - its competitors, iPhone, Samsung and Huawei, dominated share with sizeable marketing campaigns. Google’s core objective was to drive consideration by 10% - an ambitious target for a relatively new entrant and a nation loyal to their smartphones.

Recognising the need to differentiate and connect, Pixel seized the opportunity to bring to life their global maxim ‘Make every day more extraordinary’ with the Curiosity Rooms (designed by Amplify), a stunning landmark experience in the heart of London.

But delivering a five-week long brand experience is one thing - what about it’s legacy? At the core of that bold experience lay a hugely successful content strategy that brought the rooms to life and connected Pixel with people far beyond the streets of London.