Power To Surprise

Power To Surprise, Kia / News UK and Havas
Kia asked Bridge Studio to enhance perceptions of its brand while promoting three models: the Proceed, all- electric e-Niro, and its new compact SUV, the Xceed.

Kia makes cars that punch well above their weight. The Kia Stinger, for example, proved it had the blend of design, dynamics, kit and value to go toe-to-toe with an Audi S5 – and beat it. (Autocar, 2019) But in Europe in 2017 Kia sold 1,143 Stingers. Over the same period Audi sold 15,402 S5s. (Carsalesbase 2018). There was still a disconnect between the quality of Kia’s product and its brand. We knew, then, that our job was to help people fall in love with Kia. Luckily car brands are easy to fall in love with – because we treat our car as a member of the family.

We created two ten-minute fictional short films that focused on key journeys that can have a dramatic effect on our lives – from coping with grief to managing kids that prefer screens to adventures. The films were hosted by The Times, on YouTube, and on Sky’s VOD platform, with 30sec promotional ads running on all channels.