Rap Battle

Rap Battle, Time To Change / MediaCom
“Are you OK?” “I’m fine.” “No – are you really OK?”

Britain is in the grip of a teenage mental health crisis. 1 in 8 teens have mental health problems, 400,000 under-18s currently receive treatment on the NHS, and suicide rates are their highest in 20 years.

However, ask a teen how they are, and they often say ‘fine’ – pressured by social media and the need to display their ‘best self’.

So, Time to Change launched ‘Ask Twice’: a campaign encouraging people not to take ‘I’m fine’ at face value, and to ask after friends twice.

Partnering with LADbible, we staged a live ‘Rap Battle’ night. Tapping into grime culture (a popular medium among young people), rappers challenged each other in lyrical back-and-forth conversations to address mental health and the need to support mates.

The result? 2.3 million young people are now asking friends twice if they’re OK. Really OK.