Saving the NHS one connections touchpoint at a time

Saving the NHS one connections touchpoint at a time, NHS / Mediahub
The NHS is under siege; facing a 40,000 nursing vacancy deficit and growing. Its future relies on driving student applications. With 32% less budget YOY we couldn’t outspend, so we had to outsmart.

Qualitative research uncovered the barriers our audience faced. Aside from rational barriers (understanding what nursing life is like, where to start) we discovered a far more powerful and unifying barrier: fear of not rising to the challenge. This defined our media behaviours - beyond inspiration we had to drive confidence, across all stages of the funnel to application.

Bespoke customer journeys defined our multi-touchpoint plans across all stages of the journey; focusing our paid spend where it needed to pack the biggest punch. From broadcast dramatising the extraordinary nature of the role, to consideration driving media lifting the lid on the experience, supported with hard hitting retargeting, search and CRM to nurture to application.

The results were unprecedented. We increased campaign recognition for half the investment, whilst not compromising on effectiveness, with significant YOY increases across the funnel. Crucially, we increased UCAS applications YOY by 6%. Put simply, we saved the NHS millions of pounds, to reinvest in what matters - getting more nurses on the frontline.