#SENSITIVEMOMENTS, SENSODYNE & C4 / Platform GSK (made up of Spark Foundry and Digitas)
In 2019 Sensodyne’s primary objective was boosting consideration with a younger skewing audience, a group that suffer from sensitivity but do little or nothing about it. At 6.5m they represented a hugely missed opportunity, but didn’t connect with the issue and subsequently Sensodyne brand.

Made In Chelsea viewers are significantly more likely than non-viewers to choose a whitening or sensitive specialist toothpaste* Furthermore, as a programme packed wonderfully awkward ‘sensitive social moments’, most of which are centred around food & drink, Made in Chelsea offered the perfect context. Using a trending theme from the show - awkward, agonising, sensitive moments - we developed #sensitivemoments, a multi-channel partnership activated as sponsorship, social and digital audio.

Following the first series of the partnership, the switch rate to Sensodyne nearly doubled that of our nearest rival.