Taking Chicken Town to Hollywood

Taking Chicken Town to Hollywood, KFC / Digital Cinema Media & Spark Foundry
Following a catastrophic logistics failure in 2018, KFC was still feeling the effects of lower preference and consideration scores than they had enjoyed pre “chickengate”. It was vital that KFC not only continued to rebuild its customer base and maintain awareness, but also improve consideration metrics to ensure business results remained strong.

Cinema and KFC share an undeniable brand truth; both have numerous imitators trying to mimic them but, with both, you are unable to compete with the original. Cinema is the only place to watch the latest blockbuster film just as the Colonel’s kitchen is the very best place to eat fried chicken. We spotted an opportunity to use this affiliation and align with cultural moments in cinema’s powerful environment. We delivered a standout brand campaign to land the Colonel’s Original Recipe message through humour, entertainment and context, with outstanding results.