Telegraph Clarity

Telegraph Clarity, The Telegraph
Winner's Story:

The Telegraph’s branded content team wanted to tackle the lack of transparency in digital branded content. Frequent, unrecorded bounce rates and audiences sourced from dubious sites were just some of the issues that were hitting the Telegraph’s branded content team hard, resulting in lost pitches and revenues.

To create a gold-standard transparency for the reporting of branded content performance, The Telegraph combined audience sources and data within an interface created by user experience experts and a design agency. This live platform, called ‘Clarity’, enables clients to log in and see campaign performance in a clear, accessible format and in real time.

It details audience reach and audience sources, such as, social, organic and referral sites, and reports on scroll depth, likes, shares, page views, uniques, page views per user and any onward journeys across video, images, interactive tools and articles.

Using Clarity, clients and the Telegraph can track the performance of campaigns and all individual elements within each campaign. In 2018, repeat business doubled from 13 per cent to 27 per cent, The Telegraph’s new business win rate also improved and following a decline of revenue in 2017, The Telegraph’s digital branded content revenue grew again in 2018.

Media Director: Matt Cory
Senior Planner/Strategist: Emma Elford