The Dynamic Blood Appointment

The Dynamic Blood Appointment, NHS Blood and Transplant / 23red
Every day, NHS Blood and Transplant needs 5,000 people to give blood. And every day, in donor centres all over the country, there are blood appointments available.

To encourage people living locally to permanent donor centres to register at their local centre, and book an appointment to give blood, we developed a localised Out of Home (OOH) advertising campaign in partnership with Clear Channel.

Powered by daily real-time blood data we were able to tell people how many appointment slots were available that day, how many metres away it was to their local a donor centre, and how many people just like them were donating that day.

Our campaign was rolled out across 120 dynamic OOH sites, specifically chosen for their close proximity to priority donor centres. Across 10 cites in England the campaign generated an additional 3,296 registrations to give blood, a 55% year on year increase (in comparison to a similar period with no paid media). Helping to prove that localised digital OOH advertising drives new blood donor registrations.