The Economist: The World Cup - A Deeper Commentary

The Economist: The World Cup - A Deeper Commentary, UM for The Economist
The World Cup is truly global. However, the noise is as much a challenge as an opportunity, particularly for a brand like The Economist. Without a reputation or expertise for sports, and with a modest budget, The Economist needed a fresh angle to gain any cut-through.

With the World Cup in Russia being one of the most politically charged in recent memory, we aimed to demonstrate The Economist’s intelligent wit, and highlight its unrivalled coverage of world affairs.

Our real-time responsive campaign not only brought a new audience to The Economist, it did so with at a record low CPA.

Media Director: Will Reddihough
Senior Planner/Strategist: Neil Peace
Creative Agency (if applicable): Proximity London
Relevant Media or Brand Manager: Tom McCave