The Guardian, Vizeum and TSB: The Relationship Project

The Guardian, Vizeum and TSB: The Relationship Project, Guardian News & Media
Winner's Story:

TSB faced a problem common to most financial services providers - getting people to switch their bank accounts to TSB was an uphill struggle. It partnered with Guardian News & Media, Vizuem and TSL to build consideration for the brand and encourage people to make the switch.

Using the premise that we are more likely to break up with romantic partners than we are to switch banks, Guardian News & Media, Vizeum and TSL worked with TSB to show other banks as slightly unrewarding life partners. ‘The Relationship Project’ campaign asked people whether they would consider putting up with their partner treating them the way their bank does. A content series, called ‘The Final Straw’, showcased comedians talking about relationship break-ups.

Content was published on and shared on The Guardian’s and TSB’s owned social channels, supported by features about breaking up, asking questions such as “how many break ups does it take to find the one?” After encouraging readers to re-evaluate their banking relationships, easy-to-understand articles about how to make the switch were published.

Media targets were met and exceeded, while videos achieved a dwell time of four minutes. Readers were 77% more likely to consider switching to TSB after seeing the content.