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The Guardian
Winner's Story:

In the wake of uncertainty around ad fraud and the YouTube, Cambridge Analytica and Facebook revelations, Guardian News & Media made a stand for quality.

Its programmatic team led the market in cleaning up brand safety and ad fraud, demonstrating how the team’s work delivers tangible business impact for its partners. It called out some questionable players in ad tech with an investigation, buying its own inventory to identify where the money was going. As a result, premium inventory sales have grown 78% year-on-year, yielding a revenue increase of £1.7m.

Guardian Labs made a stand for quality in branded content, creating businesses for eBay and filming a series of documentaries for NatWest. The Labs brand also expanded beyond The Guardian, creating a fashion magazine for Google that was stocked everywhere from Selfridges to the Tate Modern, while a campaign inspiring people’s business ideas for eBay was featured across taxis, napkins and coffee cups. This push for quality resulted in a doubling of Labs revenue in the first half of last year.

The Guardian’s print title was also revitalised with a bold tabloid, while its entire site was redesigned to affirm the brand’s purpose. Moreover, its sales team contributed £1m every week to The Guardian’s bottom line in 2017/18.