The Hook & Blue 449 for Currys PC World

The Hook & Blue 449 for Currys PC World, The Hook Group with Currys PC World, JBL / Blue 449
In June 2018, Blue 449 tasked social publisher The Hook with a perception altering brief for British electrical retailer ‘Currys PC World’ (CPCW), who were looking to connect with 18-35’s during the summer months and tackle any notions that they might be seen as outdated or uncool. The campaign marked CPCW’s first ever social content partnership and centred on key brand ‘JBL’ through the promotion of four items from their product range.

The campaign claimed the title of ‘Number 1 Branded Content Campaign in the world’ in Q3 for an electronics brand and contributed to a significant uplift in audio sales year on year with CPCW overall headphones sales up +18.3% YoY, JBL speaker sales up +18.4% YoY.

Media Director: Sam Shephard (CPCW)
Senior Planner/Strategist: Sally Brooks (Blue 449)
Creative Agency: The Hook Labs
Relevant Media or Brand Manager: Paul Scanlon (The Hook)